Not all Hapkido is equal

The are many forms and schools of taught when it comes to Hapkido. Our approach at the KyungMu Kwan has be tested, proven, and refined over the last 50 years.

We believe in the progression and evolution of Hapkido while staying true to its traditional roots. Our affiliate schools are headed by competent instructors with direct training under Grandmaster Kim.

While we lay no claims to being the best or more superior, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of Hapkido skill levels.

Please note the following about affiliate schools and training.

  • Only the martial arts schools listed on this website are recognized representatives of KM Hapkido.

  • Affiliate schools have autonomy of what is charged for tuition to train at the dojang, and not regulated by the association.

  • Dan rank candidates and tests are screened and ultimately approved by the HQ.

  • Students at these affiliate Hapkido schools, actively training, and are in good standing with the school are considered member students of the International Kyung Mu Hapkido Association.

  • Martial arts practitioners who have had only some contact with Kyung Mu Hapkido via seminars or such are no considered affiliates.


SPAINMaster Vicente Gómez
Página oficial de la Asociación Nacional Kyung Mu Kwan Hapkido Spain, escuela fundada por GM Kim Nam Jae.
United States of America
United States of AmericaGrandmaster Holcombe Thomas
The NVHA (NOVA) is an all-adult Hapkido school with regular classes in the Northern Virginia area located in Springfield, Virginia.
CanadaMaster Dayo Odesanya
The Toronto Hapkido Academy is a full time martial arts school in the city’s midtown area that offers Hapkido Self Defense Toronto classes for adults and kids.
UkraineMaster Pavel Pshenichnikov
Секції Олімпійського Тхеквондо в Дніпрі запрошують на тренування! Хочете, щоб ваші діти були здорові і навчилися досягати мети вже з наймолодшого віку? Тоді вам саме до нас! Відвідуючи заняття нашої секції, ваші діти навчаться техникам тхеквондо і самооборони та стануть здоровішими!
RussiaMaster Igor Suryenkov
Официальное Российское представительство Кёнгму Хапкидо в России (Kyungmu Hapkido).
ColombiaUpdating soon
Updating soon.
SeoulHQ Dojang
저희 경무관은 1960년대 이후 서울에서 역사가 오래된 무술 도장 중의 한곳 입니다.
GreeceUpdating soon
Updating soon

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