hapkido app 1 Hapkido fundamentals: Build a strong foundation for your hapkido skills. Video instruction includes falls, breathing, kicks, and strikes of Kyung Mu Hapkido.

“Hapkido App 2 covers the basic joint locks and throws of Hapkido. Watch Grandmaster Kim’s detailed instruction on each move”

hapkido App App 3: Self Defense Applications. This video App focuses on self defense applications of basic Hapkido techniques as taught within Kyung Mu Hapkido.

App 4: Advanced Hapkido Training. Includes techniques for sitting, cane, knife defenses, short stick, and tackles.


Kyung Mu Hapkido on the Discover Channel

The TV Show Fight Quest premiered on the Discovery Channel a few years ago, with parts filmed on location at the HQ school.

Grandmaster Kim and a few members of the Kyung Mu Hapkido family were featured in this mini documentary on Hapkido.

Grandmaster Kim on Life Craft Asia

A short video collage of Grandmaster Kim Nam Jai during a series of seminars at the KyungMu Kwan school in Seoul South Korea.

More videos coming soon.

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