Throughout the year we have seminars in various parts of the world, and hosted by reputable martial arts schools in their communities. An affiliate school of the International Kyung Mu Hapkido Association in Toronto will be hosting a seminar with Grandmaster Kim in late October of 2018.

This event will be held at the Toronto Hapkido Academy, a martial arts school in Toronto Canada,  located in the uptown part of the city.

Toronto Hapkido Academy, T.H.A Martial Arts as it is known, was established in 2005 and is the first Kyung Mu affiliate school in Canada. They offer martial arts programs for Hapkido, Muay Thai, and Fitness Kickboxing in North York Toronto. Their head instructor – Master Dayo Odesanya (5th Dan) – has been a training under the mentorship of the Kyung Mu family since the beginning.

toronto martial arts school

The seminar is open to all martial artists, and a great opportunity to experience Kyung Mu Hapkido training first hand.

Martial Arts Training Syllabus:

Every event is different. More often they material taught is adjusted slightly depending on the Hapkido skill and experience of the participants.

Typically at all KM seminars, we will review our standard breakfalls, hapkido kicking and striking, Dan Jeon Breathing techniques, and basic movement as performed within the Kyung Mu sysem. Some of the seminar topics cover may include:

Short stick techniques, self defense from the ground, joint lock counters, black belt rank requirements, and such. A number of KM affiliates from the U.S. and nearby are also expected to be in attendance and possible a black belt test during the course of the weekend. Grandmaster Kim also leaves time for question and answers from participants particularly as when it relates to the theory and principles of Hapkido.

Hapkido Event Date:

The scheduled date for the martial arts training in Toronto will be announced at a later date. Plans are slated for the Fall of 2018. For seminar cost and similar details, contact the host school directly. They can be reach through their website: